De Helende Olifant
Een Integrale Visie op Coaching en Psychotherapie

English Summary

The Healing Elephant is a book for professionals in the mental health services and for the people they work with. In the book a vision on this work is given that goes beyond just the psychological side of man. A "good" feeling is after all determined by more factors, like how you feel physically, how your environment deals with you and how your own view of the world is structured. This leads to an integral vision on man, so that that person can be helped more effectively. I combine this integral vision with elements from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and various other streams and in that way come up with a comprehensive coaching and psychotherapeutic approach for professionals and their clients.

The printed book The Healing Elephant is currently only available in the Dutch language, although my English translation has just been completed and can be downloaded below.

The Healing Elephant

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